How much do you charge?

$50 USD per song (see payment options on rates page).

I want to keep it as affordable as possible, but I've kept the same rates for 10 years now.  So as of 1/1/2017 I'm introducing a new variable scale.  Most songs under 5 min are still only $50 if you accept my initial take.  If you request additional takes or changes to the initial take, then the rate will increase to $75 per song.  Longer songs, or more complex songs (changing tempos, changing or odd time signatures) will be slightly more.  For those, I'll let you know before I start recording.  Also, additional percussion tracks are extra (see rates).  Songs recorded at 96Khz sample rate will also be an additional charge.

How does it work?

You send me a song and I will record acoustic drum tracks and send a demo MP3 back to you for approval.  When you are satisfied, send me payment via PayPal, and I will provide your files for download.  I use Pro Tools to record the tracks, and create multi-track WAV files.  I default to 24-bit/44.1 KHz but I can record at 48Khz if you let me know before we start!   WAV format can be easily imported into Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Cakewalk, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, and a variety of other multi-track recording applications for PC and Mac. 

I can also record at 96Khz, however this will increase the base cost of each song by $25 (the minimum cost would be $75).  Please let me know prior to recording if you are interested.

How can I get started?

It's easiest to email an MP3 (or you can send a download link or mail a CD or hard disk with WAV files if you prefer) with your basic tracks and musical arrangement.  I prefer a click track, but percussion loops are usually OK too if you plan to keep them in the final mix.  You can send me a mix with drums for reference, but I do need a mix without the drums to record with.

It works best if you can tell me the tempo, then include 8 or more clicks at the start of the song (then please mute your click so it doesn't continue through the song) so I can sync my own click.  If you prefer, you can also send a separate click track - if you have tempo changes within the song, that usually works best.  Since the click won't be in the full mix, this makes the track I send back to you a little easier to listen to (if the click were in the mix it would make it very distracting to listen to).  If you send the click on an individual track, please make sure it starts at the exact same place as the audio track so they are in sync.  If you didn't use a click, I will follow your existing track (this is usually OK if you are not planning to re-track your original parts).

What Will You Play?

If you include a programmed drum part, let me know if you want me to copy any or all of it or if I should come up with something different.  If you have ideas about a particular sound you are looking for (i.e., fat snare, tight snare, etc., please let me know when you submit your track.  The more you can tell me about the sound or style you are looking for the faster I can get you the drum tracks you will be happy with.   You can describe to me what kind of sound or style you are looking for (references to other artist's songs sometimes work too).  Or, if you prefer I am also happy to just listen to your track and just go with what I feel (although I find it usually goes quickest with some guidance from you since it is your song and vision...). 

What will I receive?

After payment is received, I will make your tracks available for download.  I will send you all of the unprocessed tracks and a "reference mix" (a stereo WAV  "stem" that will have any EQ or compression that I apply to the drum mix).   You can drop it in your mix as-is, or use the individual tracks and mix it yourself.  An example of the individual acoustic drum tracks you might receive is:

  • Kick

  • Sub-kick

  • Snare Top

  • Snare bottom

  • Overhead L/R

  • tom 1

  • tom 2

  • tom 3

  • tom 4

  • Hi Hat

  • Ride

  • Room

Of course, depending on the drum kit I use, or the style and needs of the tracks, I may use different mic'ing techniques, or I may not always use all the drums/mics.  However, if you prefer more tracks, less tracks, a stereo mixdown, or something else, let me know so I can get you exactly what you need. 

Do I have to pay before you start recording?

I will do the initial take when you send me your track.  When you approve the mix I send back to you, then payment is due.  If you decide you would like changes to the initial track, then I ask that at least half of the payment be sent at that time, with the remainder due once you fully approve the final track (or you are welcome to pay in full then too).   Once the track is completed, and I have received full payment, then I will send you a link to download the drum tracks.  

Can you do an exact copy of a cover song, i.e. a Karaoke track?

Sure!  I've done this quite a few times in fact.  Just send me an mp3 of the song you want to do and I'll play along to it.  In most cases I can copy the drum parts note for note.  Let me know if you prefer for me to mimic the original drum sound, or change it (for example, to a more modern sound).

What are some benefits to using this service?

My drums stay setup in my personal studio where I spend countless hours maintaining and tuning my drums, turning knobs, pushing buttons, and tweaking mic positions in search of that perfect drum sound.   Also, because this is my own personal studio, there are no roadies, additional studio fees, cartage costs, setup or travel expenses, etc.   You save time and money.  Once you pay for them, the tracks are yours to mix and edit as you need for the (intended) song.

Even though I'm recording digitally to hard disk, I've got a pretty nice analog front-end with all the transformer balanced preamps and premium A/D converters. And the room is tuned for recording drums. All this just means the drums are going to sound awesome.

Do you use Beat Detective?

Only if forced to.  Just kidding.  Sort of...  I don't use Beat Detective on 99.99% of the tracks I do.  The 0.01% might be when the song calls for a stiff, machine-like beat.  But then I always have to ask, why are you hiring a real drummer if you want a machine?  In all seriousness, Beat Detective can be useful for certain things but it can also suck the groove out of a track.  The "feel" that a real drummer adds to a track is about placement of notes (timing) as well as the velocity, or touch on each part of the kit.  If you quantize and lock everything to the grid, it just won't be the same.  

What happened to digitaldrummer?

Nothing has changed except the name. It's the same great quality drum tracks for dirt cheap... When I first started this service,  I was thinking about the digital recording aspect of drums, but I think the name may have confused some.  While at that time, I did have both acoustic and electronic drums, I've since decided to concentrate on acoustic drums only and I thought this name was a better fit (prior to this change studiodrumtracks.com would redirect to digitaldrummer.net - now it's the other way around). 


Contact Info

Mike Kosacek
email  mkosacek@gmail.com
phone    (512) 773-4187  CST     


If you have any question, please call or send me an email to discuss.

If you don't receive a reply from me within 24 hours, please call.  It usually means I did not get your email (some may inadvertently get sorted as spam).


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Last updated 12/23/2016