DIY Basstraps

Part I (6/2006)

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There are several manufacturers that sell ready-made bass trap products, but since I like building stuff (and I'm cheap ) I decided to have a go at it myself.  The materials list and approximate cost is listed here:

Wood Home Depot ~$25
Cloth Walmart <$8 ($1/yard)
Fiberglass Batts ATS Acoustics ~$55 (6 batts)
  Total (3 traps) $88


I constructed a 2' x 4' frame (of 1"x4" pine), with some bracing (3/16" x 2") on the back.  I used a table saw to bevel (45degree) the front edge of these boards.  I squeezed 2 of the 2" thick SAFB batts in each frame, then stretched cloth across them and stapled it on the back.  I used a couple of cup hooks and eye rings to hang them in the corner.

more pictures...

front frame

rear frame

rear view

Part II (2/2008)

I still had some problems, so went in search of creating more bass traps.  I found some Insulcot locally and bought two rolls of R13 (each roll is 40ft long, 24" wide, and about 3" thick and were about $50 each).  I rolled out two pieces that were about 13ft long each, then I rolled them somewhat tightly and stuffed them into some cloth laundry bags I got from WallyWorld for about $5 each.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any.... Bass Bags? These are sort of like the "superchunk", although maybe more appropriately named "supafuzz" since Insulcot looks like someone collected dryer lint for years and then weaved it into a roll...  It was incredibly easy and I am not itching head to toe.  I still have some work to do, but it seems to be helping some.

Here are some framed 2' x 4' bass traps using the Insulcot.  I put chicken wire on the back to give it some support.  Each trap has 3 layers of Insulcot stuffed in there. 


I also built some 2' x 2' traps and put 4 layers in each of those.  I have now hung most of the new traps (and set the bags in corners) and I can tell its starting to help.  It's still not perfect, but seems to be improving.


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