In my studio...


For drums I might use a Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute, a Vintage 70's Ludwig, a Pearl Session Studio Classic, a pearl Reference, or a Pearl Session Custom drum kit in various sizes.

I have many snares to choose from (here's a few...):

Pearl Sensitone Steel 5.5 x 14

Pearl MMX 5.5 x 14

Vintage Ludwig Acrolite 5 x 14

Pearl 3.5 x 14 Free Floating Brass

Pork Pie Brass USA 6.5 x 14

Pearl MRX 6.5 x 14

GMS "Vintage" 5 x 14

Pork Pie "Pig Iron" 6.5 x 14

Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5 x 14

Vintage Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14

Ludwig Brass 6.5 x 14

Worldmax "Jade Tiger" 5 x 14

Ludwig Hammered Bronze 6.5 x 14 Ludwig Black Magic 6.5 x 14
Head Drums pine stave 4 x 13 Pearl SRX 5.5 x 14
Drumcraft Beech 6 x 14 PDP "Ace" 5 x 14
Drumcraft Cast Aluminum 5 x 14 Lexlord maple stave 7 x 14



I use mostly Zildjian (A Custom, "Vintage Cie", & K Custom Dark) cymbals, but also have some classic Paiste 602's, 2002's, a couple nice Wuhan china's, some Sabian splashes, some Dream rides and crashes, and more.

Recording Gear...Studio Rack 1

For recording, I use a Universal Audio Apollo 16 and Pro Tools 12 connected to a Dell XPS.  I have mic pres by A-Designs, OSA (Old School Audio), Universal Audio, AML (Audio Maintenance Limited - Neve 1073 clone), Avedis Audio, Vintech, Golden Age Classic API and more.  I also have a vintage Yamaha PM-1000 mic preamp (aka, "The Japanese Neve") that I racked up myself.  

I have microphones by Advanced Audio, AEA, AKG, Audix, Audio-Technica, Cascade, Mojave, Shure,  Sennheiser,  and others.   An example of the mic/pre setup I might use is:

Kick: Audix D6 --> Avedis MA5
SubKick:  speaker (wired as mic) --> Danfield MX20

Snare Top:   Shure SM57 --> A-Designs EM-Blue
Snare bottom:  Audix D3 --> OSA mp1

Toms:  Audix D2/D4 --> EM-Red/Silver/Gold
Ride:   AKG C451b --> GAP573

HiHat:   AKG C451b --> GAP573
Overheads:  AKG C414's --> A-Designs P1's
Room - AT4033 -> Vintech 573

I also own a good assortment of software plugins that can help shape the sound.





Last updated 01/30/2018