Music Samples

Here are a few samples of my work:
(more are available in the Discography section below)


Tom Guerra (USA) All of the Above
Luke Lakeman (Australia) Criminal Intelligence
Stan Rose (USA) 200Mph
Majestic Songs (USA) V.O.Z.
Cosmic Singularity (USA & Scotland) First Steps
Paul Haake (USA) The Critic
93 Octane (USA) Dream Stealer
Vertigo w/Scott Nelson (USA) Number One
Vertigo w/Scott Nelson (USA) Show Me


Leslie Hyland-Rodgers (USA) Night and Day
Binary Spirals (USA) Metamorpheus
Binary Spirals (USA) Moving Pivots*
Alibi (USA) Feels Good
Billy Playle (UK) Temple Meade
Contrafact (USA) Song for Driving at Night


Debra Watson (USA) Cheatin Heart
Curtis Downey (USA) Dusty Road
Texaz Tango (USA) Leading Her in the Dance
Chad Howard (USA) My Poor Soul*

* acoustic drums and programming

Mike Clifford - TBD TBD
Yazell/Richardson - Stormfront 2016
Tom Guerra - Trampling Out the Vintage 2016
Yazell/Richardson - Beyond Reason 2015
Luke Lakeman - Criminal Intelligence (tracks 1,3,4,6,7,8) 2015
RetroJockeys - Remains (track 3,5,6) 2014
Joseph Monyer - The Simple Life 2014
Tom Guerra - All of the Above 2014
Contrafact - III 2014
Majestic Songs - Epsilon I & II 2014
Debra Watson - Boogie My Blues Away 2014
Elliott Fikes  - Soul in the Hole 2014
Leslie Hyland-Rodgers - Just Smile


Mike and the Meteors - Calling Saturn 7 2013
{An} Eel - Sasquatch I & II 2013
Arthur "Rollercoaster" Davis - The Sweet Sounds of Rollercoaster 2013
93 Octane - Contagious 2013
Majestic Songs - V.O.Z. 2012
Contrafact - 2012
Colin Ward - Cigarettes 'n Gasoline 2011
93 Octane - Mirrors 2010
Texaz Tango - Raise Your Hand! 2010
Cosmic Singularity - First Steps 2010
Brady Harris - Year of the Pug 2010
Russell Shores - LS 5 2009
Paul Haake - The More You Play It, the Harder It Gets 2009
Scott Nelson - Lucky Numbers 2009
Brian Hindman - My Life is an Empty Tomb 2009
Binary Spirals - Big City Windows 2008
Contrafact - Songs for Driving at Night 2008
Michael Sneed - Vampyre's Lament 2008
Chad Howard - Save Your Soul 2007
Chuck Ericson - Pause 2007
Scott Nelson & Vertigo - Aural Hygiene 2006
David Addis & Curtis Downey - Implicit Lyrics 2006
Mike Kosacek - Island of Misfit Songs 2006

I'm probably also on several other CD releases and such but I don't always hear about them.  So if I missed your CD and you want it listed here, please send me an email with the details and I'll be happy to add a link to it.

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