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About Me

I live in the Austin, TX area (aka "The Live Music Capital of the World") and I have 30+ years of experience playing live as well as studio recording.  I've played many styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, reggae, and country.   I have played live and/or recorded with bands and artists such as:  Johnny Apollo and the Saturn Seven, Steve Alexander, Johnny Reverb and Dream House, The Blades, The Sibling Rivals, Timmy and the Timebombs, Murry Woods and Tangled Blue, Junior Medlow, The Lords of Love (with Jesse Taylor), Black Coffee, Natalie Zoe, Memphis Train, Joanna Howerton, L.A. Jones and the Blues Messengers,  The Doc Hogan Band, The DellTones, Derral Gleason, Binary Spirals, Elliott Fikes and Soul Serenade, Contrafact, Alibi, Texaz Tango, The Joseph Monyer Band, The Russell K Shores Project, Debra Watson, Austin T Band,  Ella Reid,  S7ven, Them That Know, and many more.   With these bands, I've also gotten to share the stage with bands such as Bobby Blue Bland, Storyville, the Booze Weasels (Joe Ely's band), and Human Rights (ex-Bad Brains singer H.R.).  Prior to all of this, yeah I was a schooled percussionist (ok, band geek) where I learned to read music, play ratamacue's and pataflaflas and I performed in concert & symphonic settings.  I also played snare drum in high school and college level marching (corps-style) bands.

My style tends to steer toward the side of "less is more" or "groove" drumming (unless requested otherwise of course).  I can read charts (and sometimes chicken scratch), play to loops, copy your programmed part, or I will listen to your song and attempt to compose a part that feels right for the song.  I'm easy to work with, open to your feedback, and will do my best to find the exact sound and feel you are looking for.

From when I first started listening to my Dad's old records (Sandy Nelson and The Ventures), or when I first heard Led Zeppelin, I've been drawn to the drums.  Some of my musical influences over the years include Led Zeppelin (w/John Bonham), Frank Zappa, Webb Wilder (Jimmy Lester), The Tubes (Prairie Prince), Van Halen (Alex), Rush (Neil), The Doors, The Clash, The Greg Kihn Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan (Chris Layton), The Beatles (Ringo), The Police (Stewart Copeland), John Mellencamp (Kenny Aronoff), Al Jackson Jr., all the old STAX records, James Brown, AC/DC (Phil Rudd), Bob Marley (Carlton Barrett), The Rolling Stones (Charlie Watts), Steve Gadd, and so many more I'm sure I missed a bunch.

I've worked with a lot of artists through the magic of the internet and then also many in my local area.  Some of those can be found here and others can be found on